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Really a 6 year old marrying a 60 year old woman in South Africa? These cultures where they marrying off young children to adult men and women, needs to stop. It is absolutely disgusting and its child abuse and sex abuse. No child that young should ever be married through the standard cultures of other countries. I do not see how people are okay and approve of this in their country.

Anonymous: I think the mature people are ok with you posting when you want to. Seriously the questions are so repetitive I don't even know how you do it. They act like they can't scroll down or if something did change you would let it be known.

Exactly and it does annoy me. I always say look and make sure I answered it before asking me lol. You know I hate being repetitive especially if I say it more than 4 times.

Anonymous: Any detoxes you recommend?

I don’t recommend any detoxes, as they can become addicting to some. I do know that the lemon one is pretty good and more healthier and also less addictive. A lot of the industry people use this detox. I have been told it doesn’t taste good, but it has worked for some.

Anonymous: Don't ever think God isn't listening he is. He will give you signs you just gave to pay attention. Stay encouraged and positive :)

Even if he did give me a sign, I probably would never see it or feel it. I know its a lot has to do with a spiritual connection. I try to stay positive in what I do, but its a bit hard. You can never really express yourself without criticism and people getting mad. Comes with the territory.

Anonymous: Yes you are very blessed to have the career and experiences you do.

:) I feel blessed, but feel some of the things are not meant to be.

Anonymous: Can you post some more muffin recipes


Anonymous: Flo Rida, the game, Chris

Marry Flo Rida, Kill The Game and Fuck Chris. This was a bit hard lol.

Anonymous: Watch Nicole Richies show on VH1 you will crack up she is hilarious

She has a show now? I did not even know, I don’t watch much television. What is her show about? I can’t watch reality shows besides BGC lol. Any movie recommendations?